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The company is a member of the "National Power System Professional Operation Network", and the products have been tested by the National Electric Power Industrial Equipment Quality Testing Center. The product design meets the latest power industry standard of DL/875-2004.

The characteristics of the company's production and operation are its creativity, the dynamism of developing new technologies and the flexibility to adapt to market changes

Jiangsu Changhong Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Yangzhou Changhong Electric Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is engaged in the construction of power lines.The company specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of machinery. The company is "professional power transmission system of the national power system "Working Network" member units, products have been tested by the National Electric Power Industrial Equipment Quality Testing Center, Products.Designed to meet DL/875-2004 latest power industry standards...


It is precisely the profound role played by product quality in business warfare, so Changhong’s equipment has always insisted on strictly controlling each link, every process, and everything from design and development to production operations. Changhong's inspection and control system processes are based on international advanced industry standards. Since the product design, they have been incorporated into an extremely rigorous and precise process. From design, material selection, manufacturing, assembly to operation, every link has to undergo harsh conditions. The testing procedures, the accuracy of the awards are controlled to the strictest, the quality of the products is controlled to the best, the excellence of each subtlety is controlled to the most perfect, so that customers can enjoy the rigorous and pragmatic quality of Changhong equipment at the same time. purpose....

正是深谙产品品质在商战中所扮演的重要角色,所以长虹机具一直坚持严格控制把关每一个环节、每一道工序,从设计研发到生产作业各个环节的质量状况。长虹电力机具的检测系统流程均按国际先进的行业标准要求,自产品设计就纳入一套极其严谨、精确的程序之中,从设计、选材、  制造、组装到运行,每个环节都要经历苛刻的检测程序,奖精度控制到最严密,将产品品质控制到最优异,对每一细微之处的精益求精,都控制到最完美,让客户在使用的同时,深切感受到长虹机具严谨务实的品质宗旨......


The investment in research and development capabilities not only improves the technical level and guarantees the high quality of the products