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Company Profile

Company Profile

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      Jiangsu Changhong Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Yangzhou Changhong Electric Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is a professional company engaged in R&D, production , sales, and service of power line construction equipment. The company is a member of the "National Power System Professional Operation Network", the products have been tested by the National Electric Power Industrial Equipment Quality Inspection Center, and the product design is in line with the latest power industry standard of DL/875-2004.
      The characteristics of our company is production and operation are its creativity, the dynamism of developing new technologies and the flexibility to adapt to changes in the market, and emphasis on strengthening the technological research and development capabilities in each production field so that production will always be better oriented to the future. The investment in research and development capabilities has not only improved the technological level and ensured the high quality of the products, but also opened up new application areas and more markets. The high quality of products and competitive and reasonable prices have made the company more and more. The more users come to understand and accept. A large number of Changhong implements are widely used in major power projects in the country, and show their characteristics of safety, light weight, and high efficiency.


      The company's laboratories are equipped with advanced testing equipment and strict inspection and control procedures to ensure stable product quality and high reliability. The company implements the GB/T19001-2000idtISO9001-2000 series of standards.
      The company continues to provide customers with more satisfactory services with the principle and spirit of “quality first, customer first, advancing with the times, and striving for excellence”.